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Lindsay Logan

Posted on 25 Jan 2020

It Is the Year of The Rat

In the Chinese lunar calendar 2020 is the year of the Rat. It is the most important festival for the Chinese and the most widely celebrated holiday in the world.

The following are the top Chinese traditions going back 1000 years.

  1. Sweeping the house : from Dec 23rdpeople carry out a complete sweeping of the house and throw away something old, thus clearing any bad luck. However on the first day of the Lunar year sweeping is never recommended as it sweeps away the new luck and wealth.
  2. New Year Shopping : for 10 days before it is common to see crowds out shopping at shops and markets. Red decorations are highly sought after.
  3. A Reunion Dinner : This is one of the most important and significant events. The gathering of the family from far and wide for a home -made feast. Fish must be included as this represents surplus “yu”.
  4. Eating Dumplings : an essential part of the activity, representing reunion, harmony and wealth. Tradition is that usually all family members assist in the making.
  5. Exchanging Red Envelopes : This is usually a monetary gift and must always be new bills and are usually given to the younger family members.
  6. Setting of firecrackers : Setting off of firecrackers is essential. Usually done at midnight on New Year’s Eve, it marks the new arrival of the year and scares away evil spirits.
  7. Visiting Relatives : from the second day of the New Year people visit all their relatives, friends and colleagues and bring gift such as local products – oranges or local wines.

A little bit of tradition never hurt any of us. It is lovely to see that it all relates to family and friends. So Happy Year of the Rat…. we hope it brings you great wealth.